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Children’s National Medical Center
Washington, DC
United for One

The title will be “United for One.” I decided on this title because I strongly believe that we all work for the one. Children’s is a community of supporters – from the parking garage attendant and the volunteers at the front desk, to the nursing staff and the incredible doctors – all united together focusing their healing energy on the one. Similar to the hospital environment, there are many environments in our everyday lives that unite for one, like our schools, churches and our community at large.

On Valentine’s Day, we launched our campaign with Children’s National Medical Center to support and fundraise for children suffering from Scoliosis and The Orthopaedic Program. We have been working for two years to better the lives of those who suffer. Please read our personal fundraising page, and if you can donate it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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George Washington’s Farm House: River Farm
Circuitous Roots: A Celebration of Art
Closing Reception
June 25th, 2016


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George Washington’s Farm House: River Farm
Circuitous Roots: A Celebration of Art
April 16th, 2016


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The Artist and the Authorities
Georgetown University
April 13th, 2016


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The Ease Collection

Two years ago, I set out to do a collection I was going to call Ease. It reflects how I was feeling at the time and still feel today. Having the ability to put people at Ease and making them feel relaxed. But mostly, I wanted my new paintings to have this feeling of freedom from pain and worry, or any kind of agitation when one glances at them, enough that one looks a little longer and longer. I wanted my Ease collection to be moving gradually, gently, kindly, carefully, towards a beautiful art. I hope you enjoy my canvases with Ease.

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Lewes “Treasures” show makes the Cape Gazette

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Artist makes Delaware Debut at Lewes’ “Treasures”

Over 30 watercolor paintings will be on display by Watercolor and Acrylic Artist Rana Ryan.
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Northern Connection

Local Artist Rana Ryan Designs “Bunches of Hope” and Other Creations
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Northern Connection

Rana Ryan and her artwork were recently featured in “Northern Connection”
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Bunches of Hope

Local Pittsburgh artist Rana Ryan has painted bunches of magnificent flowers to support a Glimmer of Hope Foundation.
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Three Rivers Arts Festival

Rana Ryan received the People’s Choice Award at the Three Rivers Arts Festival 2010 Poster Contest
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