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“Bunches Of Hope”
By Paula Green

Last month we brought you the story on the hot item "Trivets for Hope." This month we introduce you to another idea that has blossomed "Bunches of Hope." Both of these efforts share a common bond, as they raised money for "Glimmer of Hope Foundation," an organization dedicated to fighting against breast cancer.

Local artist and Wexford resident Rana Ryan has created five, unique floral cards in support of Glimmer of Hope. These peony flowers which come in bright, vivid colors have been photographed and placed on greeting cards. The cards can be used to remember women on their fortieth birthday and also to remind them to get a mammogram. They can be used to send cheer, or just to let someone know that you are thinking of them in a beautiful way.

"Some of my paintings are made into greeting cards, and Diana (Napper, founder of Glimmer of Hope Foundation) always loved my cards. She asked me to come up with something for Glimmer of Hope. Diana wanted flowers, a card that is happy and hopeful and would remind women to get their mammograms."

"I came up with three paintings—the hot pink, pink and purple peonies. When she saw them she loved them because they moved her. She suggested we have five paintings made into cards and call them 'bunches of hope.' It was a pleasure to add in the red and yellow peony cards," Ryan said.

"When I was thinking of flowers to use for the cards, I wanted one with many leaves; each leaf is special and different as we all are. I wanted the flower to have many colors and to be big as well. As I researched flowers, I discovered that peonies also have medicinal value. They are not only beautiful; they are also valuable and helpful. Best of all peony plants can live for over 100 years.

I cannot stress enough how fulfilling these cards have been for me. They were painted with a purpose and intention." Ryan said.

These handmade original cards make the perfect holiday gift, and they also raise money for a very worthy cause. For more information on "Bunches of Hope" greeting cards, visit, faithincolor. com, or call (724) 940-0097.

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