Faith, Travel and Diversity by Rana Ryan

Our lives are influenced by certain people who make a memorable impression on our subconscious and guide us to be who we are today. At least, this has been true in mine.

My inspiration is my mother, Dalal Sawaya, an established artist, with amazing talent who creates beauty seemingly out of nothing. I am truly blessed to be part of her art world and I was able to apply my early lessons as a child, as advertising major at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

I have been painting for years, mostly in the acrylic medium.

In 2005 I took a watercolor class and it became second nature to me. I enjoy switching between both mediums, and sometimes incorporating charcoal and pencil in my work.

Mark, my husband of 30 years, is the continuous source of my strength. He has filled my life with so much love that it reflects in all that I do and all that I am. His unbelievable support with my painting is what allows me to have continuous ideas and be able to express them through my art.

My very first solo show was on April 1, 2005, at Pittsburgh University in the Barco law library. I showed 32 paintings and sold 17 on opening night, and six more of them after that. But most of all, I cherish the comments and the kind words that were written in my guest book and the amazing compliments I received that night. It was a surreal experience for me. My feet never touched the ground!

My show reflected three distinct influences that have shaped my life: faith, travel and diversity of experience.

I have lived in many countries and different states, met all sorts of different people. I have always survived by having a foundation built on faith in God and my belief that we are meant to live life from the core of our being.

I hope you enjoy my art and it helps fill an empty space in your hearts or on your walls. With God’s grace, we will walk on the right path, in the best possible way, by living life to the fullest, being thankful, loving and giving always.

Thank you for checking out my web site!